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Math Notebook and Calculator

If all educational professionals, families, and community partners can collaborate to identify and remove barriers to personal growth and achievement, every student will be ready to learn and access high quality core instruction and social emotional support

Theory of Action

Our Mission

     Our mission is to motivate students to take risks within their education. Students should not be afraid of dynamic thinking, nor should they feel they have limitations of any kind. By building a relationship and trust, students become more comfortable taking the necessary risks that lead to academic success. The “how” and “why” of education is much more important than the “what,” it is this deeper understanding that will allow students to reach their full potential.

    Wicked Math Tutoring is looking to extend our Northeast educational experience to Palm Beach County through personalized one-on-one instruction. Whether you need help with MATH SAT/ACT preparation or you’re struggling with your current mathematics curriculum, Wicked Math Tutoring is here to bridge those gaps. Don’t let your current struggles with mathematics restrict your future plans and successes. Invest in yourself and reap the benefits of the scores and grades necessary to get where you want to go.

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What Clients Say

"Three qualities of a great tutor are patience, empathy, and enthusiasm. John has all three of these tenfold. He wants to share his love of math and understands not everyone learns at the same pace. He will encourage student, and his passion for math is contagious..."

- Jane Perreault

About Us

John Rooney created Wicked Math Tutoring as a way to connect his mathematical expertise to the students of Palm Beach County. It is his hope that each student he tutors is able to achieve a level of confidence, success, and personal satisfaction that they would have otherwise thought impossible.

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